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American Motors Owners Association, Inc., (AMO) is a Wisconsin chartered, non-profit organization, which exists expressly for the purpose of aiding and encouraging the use, enjoyment, preservation, and restoration of vehicles built by American Motors Corporation between 1958 and 1988 model years.

American Motoring is the official news publication of AMO, with its principal offices at 23 Pleasant View Rd., Derby, CT 06418.  American Motoring is published on a bi-monthly basis with a total of six issues per year. Issues are due to the members within the first two (2) weeks of each odd numbered month. Subscription is free to all paid members of AMO. Permission must be obtained in writing from the editor to copy, reproduce, or copy through any media the materials contained therein. Membership in AMO is open to all AMC enthusiasts worldwide at US $35.00 US members, US $40.00 for Canadian and Mexican members, US $45.00 for overseas members, and US $100.00 for vendors,  per annum. Ownership of an AMC vehicle is not required. Send membership requests to the Membership Chairman. Contributions to American Motoring are highly encouraged. Material accepted is subject to editing and/or revision. The act of submitting articles, information, or any other materials shall constitute an expressed warranty by the contributor, to this publication, that such material is original and in no way an infringement on the rights of others. Contributions should be sent to the Newsletter Editor only.

While it is a service of AMO to provide technical information to its membership, any maintenance techniques, technical information, or possible modifications published in American Motoring should be weighed against conventional, traditional, and generally accepted techniques and modifications. The views expressed in American Motoring are those of the author of the article or the person quoted. Owners should consider possible techniques or modifications in light of common sense compromises among safety, economy, longevity, performance, reliability, drivability, legality, and resale value. AMO and American Motoring will not assume or accept any liability resulting from the information contained therein. Any modifications possibly affecting safety, economy, longevity, performance, reliability, drivability, legality, emissions, and resale value are the sole responsibility of the person performing the modifications. When such modifications are presented in American Motoring, they are done so with the understanding that the individual will use those modifications within the framework of all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

All rights reserved.  No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior written permission of the editor.

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