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2020 American Motoring Content and Deadline Calendar

We invite members to submit articles and photos for publication in American Motoring. To make this easier, the deadlines and issue themes are provided below. Feel free to submit anything AMC or Rambler related – your projects, shows you attended, or even past photos of your cars. For issue themes please submit phots of your cars to so we can include your car in the newsletter!

April / May – Race cars / Racing tales Deadline March 23, 2020

June / July –  Gremlins & Hornets Deadline May 18, 2020

August / Sept – Your first AMC Deadline July 20, 2020

Oct / Nov – AMO show issue Deadline September 21, 2020

Dec / Jan – Concords & Spirits Deadline November 23, 2020

We also encourage submissions of you enjoying your AMC vehicles – be it back in the day or modern times. If you have a fun snapshot showing your AMC being used, feel free to submit it with a brief caption.

Members can access the last six issues of American Motoring via FlipSnack, our online page-flip version of the magazine. These are password protected, please email if you need the passwords to access.

Volume 43, Issue 6 (2019) Flip Version

Volume 43, Issue 5 (2019) Flip Version

Volume 43, Issue 4 (2019) Flip Version

Volume 43, Issue 3 (2019) Flip Version

Volume 43, Issue 2 (2019) Flip Version

Volume 43 Issue 1 (2019) Flip Version

November/December 2018 Flip Version

March/April 2018 Flip Version

January/February 2018 Flip Version

November/December 2017 Flip Version

September/October 2017 Flip Version

July/August 2017 Flip Version


If you have any articles or information to submit for American Motoring, please email it to John at

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Contributions to American Motoring are welcomed, and all material accepted is subject to editing and/or revision at the discretion of the Editor. The act of submitting articles, information, or any other materials shall not constitute an expressed warranty by the contributor, to this publication, that such material is original and in no way an infringement on the rights of others. Contributions should be sent to the Newsletter Editor only.

While it is a service of AMO to provide technical information to its membership, any maintenance techniques, technical information, or possible modifications published in American Motoring should be weighed against conventional, traditional, and generally accepted techniques and modifications. The views expressed in American Motoring are those of the author of the article or the person quoted. Owners should consider possible techniques or modifications in light of common sense compromises among safety, economy, longevity, performance, reliability, drivability, legality, and resale value. AMO and American Motoring will not assume or accept any liability resulting from the information contained therein. Any modifications possibly affecting safety, economy, longevity, performance, reliability, drivability, legality, emissions, and resale value are the sole responsibility of the person performing the modifications. When such modifications are presented in American Motoring, they are done so with the understanding that the individual will use those modifications within the framework of all applicable federal, state, and local laws.