Great Lakes Classic AMC Club

 As of April 2019, this chapter is at 119 members.  This is more than the total has been for many years, and some folks haven’t even renewed yet for this year.  They are active, and have several meetings each year for the members to discuss club activities.  They also host, sponsor or promote several other shows in Michigan.  The year starts off with the Riga Spring Dust Off.  The big show of the season is the 33rd Annual GLCAC All Family AMC Show in August. This year, the AMC Jeep will be the featured vehicle.  The show is coordinated with the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise in Detroit, Michigan.  If you have never attended this cruise, it should be on your bucket list.  With more than 40,000 cars and over a million spectators, the Dream Cruise has been a staple in the community since the 1990’s.   The GLCAC show is held in Livonia (just west of Detriot) on the Sunday after the Dream Cruise, and generally always has a large number of AMCs present.  The first time we attended, we spent the week in Detroit.  This city is rich in history, with so many sites to see.  There is the Henry Ford museum and Deerfield – a historic village, Henry Ford’s home estate, Piquette Model T Factory, Hitsville (home of Motown), and many, many other museums and wonderful sites.

The GLCAC has been honored with winning a Golden Quill Award for their newsletter – AM-xcentric.  This award is given out by Old Cars Weekly, and is divided into several categories based on the size of the organization.  AMO also is a recipient of this award for their national newsletter – American Motoring.

This active AMO chapter will also be hosting the AMO International Convention in 2021.  At this point, they are planning on having the show at the Hyatt Novi off Grand River.  With a large parking area for show cars and vendors, as well as a large banquet area, they should be able to accommodate the vast number of AMCs that will be at the show.

Thanks Great Lakes Classic AMC Club for setting a great example for all chapters to follow.