Hoosier AMC Club



Our Hoosier AMC Club constitution was signed February 6, 1994 by our 24 charter members and we’re proud that more than half are still in the club today…along with about 50 other members!  Our membership is as strong as ever including our club founders Ron and Donna Helderman whom you’ve no doubt seen at many meets, shows and conventions with their beautiful 1963 Rambler American 330 two-door wagon.  Our club was founded as a regional chapter of both AMO and AMCRC.


As the club has grown we’ve also grown up and now have several 2nd generation members among our ranks, a couple I would point out as having gone from youngsters in our family of members to chapter leadership and now national leadership.  AMO President Ian Webb’s father Jim is one of our charter members and AMO Concourse Judging Director Doug Gerhke is the son of Dave and Karen Gerhke who also signed our original constitution.


We’re proud of our history of leadership and participation in the AMC community throughout our 26 years.  The Hoosier AMC Club enjoyed putting on the AMCRC National in 2007 at Garrett, Indiana and the AMO International Convention in 2013 and again in 2018 in Auburn, Indiana.


The key to our growth is the creation of friendships and family-like gatherings.  Ron and Donna always stressed that our club was about people first and cars second.  HAMCC typically holds 5 meetings throughout the year at restaurants, parks or member’s homes.  Our membership is always coming up with new and different side attractions including museums, car collections and a recent visit to one of our national AMC parts vendors.  Indiana is a big state and we try to keep the meetings moving around based on where our membership resides.


Our crown event annually is the Bill Reddig AMC Show and the 2020 edition will be our 19th.  Bill was a Nash and then AMC designer best known for the innovative Rambler station wagon roofline that debuted in the 1950s.  He was also known for holding the design department together during the Hudson/Nash merger.  Around the year 2000, Bill and his wife Betty came upon the Heldermans who were traveling in their Rambler wagon.  The Reddigs and our club all took an instant liking to one another and the club named our annual regional show in honor of Bill.  The Reddig Show is typically the second weekend of August and drew over 50 registered AMCers and cars last year…our biggest ever!  We enjoyed hosting Indiana members as well as some from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri and Arizona!  Our Reddig Show location for 2020 will be announced soon.  It’s always fun to see who comes for the reunion and with which car.  Join us this year and be ready to help us pick the People’s Choice favorites!


To learn even more about our chapter we invite you to like our Facebook page and see our website HoosierAMCClub.org.  There are many pictures from past regional and national events we’ve hosted and many photos of member’s cars.  Our calendar is updated regularly and we want you to feel free to come to our meetings anytime.  Membership isn’t required to visit, but there is membership information at the website.  Membership will keep you in the loop with email updates about club activities and we couldn’t be more proud of Hoosier Ramblings, our award-winning newsletter published 6 times per year.


Regardless of whether you love the 1958 Rambler, 1968 AMX, 1978 Matador, 1988 Jeep or any other American Motors Corporation vehicle and regardless of where you live, we invite you to become a part of the Hoosier AMC Club.  We encourage members who are interested in any AMC family cars including Nash, Hudson and Willys Jeep. Ownership is not a requirement for membership…but these Indiana folks almost all own a few!


Hal Souers

Hoosier AMC Club President